Nathan Strack

Owner/Web Designer/Web Developer 

Hey guys, Nathan Strack here, I am the owner/founder of Strack Web Design Service!

I have been building websites for decades now. When I was still in junior high, I started building websites part-time when I was learning computer programming. As a matter of fact, I built my first fully functioning website when I was 16, and I was building it in my spare time while I was perfecting my earliest efforts to start developing computer games, as well as an operating system.

Now, as a side note before I continue on. An operating system is essentially the technical name for such programs as… Well, what is now, ‘Windows 10’ on PCs and, ‘macOS’ for Apple computers.

About a year or so later, I built my first corporate website for a voice mail start-up that was going to be run by a friend of mine at the time.

After this, I took a hiatus from technology and building websites and programming and got involved as a writer.

This of course, would lead me to blogging and bring me back to the internet so that I could meld two of my favorite activities (technology and movies, of course!)

Ultimately, after a little over a decade of blogging and vlogging about some of the greatest horror and science fiction movies of all-time, and building websites as a hobby and to help out friends who were looking to get involved online. I finally decided to jump into the field of web design and development on a professional level.


Now, it is true that I don’t have a traditional education in web design or development. That hasn’t stopped me from training myself to build professional websites for decades for many friends and clients all over the world!

I have trained myself and built websites for friends and clients using such programming languages as, ‘HTML’, ‘Moonfruit’, ‘Blogger’, ‘Wix’, Shutterstock and so much more! But it wasn’t until I got a taste for building WordPress websites that I finally settled on an ideal programming language to build great professional websites that look amazing!

Nowadays, I am still working as an artist in the heart of Hollywood, but now that I have come back to my roots, I have dedicated myself to giving my clients the best possible professional website that they are guaranteed to love!

Ready to get started? As the owner and the web designer and the developer. You and I will be working together to ensure that you get  a website that will work for what you need it for, and can take pride in!

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