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Logos can be an important part of the design of websites. They can define whether a site is light and airy, they can define whether a site is dark and broody. Logos can determine if a website has a formal, professional feel to it, or it can determine whether or not the site will have more of a laid-back feel/approach to the design of the site!

But now matter how it comes down to it, the first most important facts about how to design the logo for your website is to determine what works best to help drive as much traffic as possible to your site! Another factor in determining what is the best logo for your site is going to be what, YOU, ‘The client’ like and want for your website!

Design Process:

It all starts with you. What do you like? What do you not like? We’ll ask a lot of questions about colors, fonts, graphics, and more to determine your style and needs.

1. Next, we’ll come up with a selection of 5-6 custom logo design options. And send them to you for your review.
Once you have time to review your logos, it’s time to revise them. Do you want to change fonts? Mix and match colors? Now is when you make decisions on your final logo. After you provide your input, we’ll revise the chosen logo for your approval.

2. After you’ve reviewed your revisions, we’ll finish the logo off and get it sent to you right away.

3. And to wrap up, we will finish the design to your satisfaction and send you the file while also adding it where you need me to in your website.

Ready to get started?

If you like what you see here and are ready for us to get started on your path to establishing your small businesses online presence, with a website that not only does what you need it to do, but is also a site that you are proud of, then please click the buttons below. 

And don’t worry, this is a journey we will take together! 




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