Services/Price List

Beyond just doing web design/development work we also offer a wide array and growing set of services.  This list of services and their prices is being setup to give you a better understanding of what we offer… As well as the basic costs for these services.

Now before we begin, please remember that Strack Web Design is willing to setup payment plans as needed.

Here is the list of our services.

1. Website Design/Developement:

Are you in need of a website for yourself? Maybe you are in need of a website for your business? Well I am able to help you build those websites!

No matter if the site is already partially designed, or if you need me to design a site from scratch.  I will build you a site that services whatever you need it for, rather it is for personal use or professional use.

And when I am done, I offer 3 free basic updates/upgrades (unfortunately I can’t make you an entirely new site from scratch as an upgrade/update to the site I just built for you…) But these 3 free basic updates/upgrades are good forever.

2. Web Hosting:

This is a service I offer exclusively for my clients that wish to save a little bit of money on the websites I build for them.

3. Social Media Services:

I am a social media expert, and would like to offer as one of my services, a comprehensive package. Rather you just need some one to setup social media account for you, or you need some one to manage and maintain your presences on social media I can do it all.

4. E-Mail Marketing:

This is a new service I offer.  If you are looking for a company that does quick reliable email marketing… I can help. No matter what the bulk email you have I work quick and am able to send out your bulk emails no matter what time of the day or evening you need me to send it out on.

Price List:

1. Web Design/Development Work:

A: $150 dollars per page for pages that require me to completely design/develop them.
B: $70 dollars per page for partial develop/design work.        
C: For Ecommerce sites that require me to add listings, I charge $10 dollars per listing.

2. Social Media Work:                                                                                                                                                                    

A: $25 dollars per professional looking social media account you need me to setup.
B: $17 dollars per day per social media account you want me to manage.
C: For long term care, and management of your social media presence online, I charge $125 dollars per month, with a minimum 3 months agreement to manage your social media required.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

3. Email Marketing:

A: $0.4 cents per individual email sent out.
B: $5.15 per each email that I have to design (I,e.  If you would like me to design the email you would like me to send out to your email list.)                                                                                                              

I love and take pride in the work that I do… So take comfort and have confidence that when you hire me for any of the above mentioned services I offer.  That you are hiring an expert who will take great care to ensure that not only is the job done, and done right, but that it is done to your satisfaction!